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Why use KITO-KIT® Gel rather than another healing product?

KITO-KIT® Gel is a sterile product, while the other healing products from the market are not sterile and should thus be applied only to superficial and minor wounds. The gel form of KITO-KIT® is much more appropriate than creams for deep wounds treatment.

KITO-KIT® Gel can totally penetrate and infiltrate the wound. KITO-KIT® has real analgesic properties.

Can KITO-KIT® Gel be applied to all types of wounds?

Yes absolutely, KITO-KIT® can be applied directly onto all minor and severe wounds, bleeding or not and whether or not they are infected.

Can KITO-KIT® be applied to burns?

Yes it can be applied on any burn to deep partial thickness burns.

When should KITO-KIT® be used?

As soon as possible when an injury may be recognized.

Do I need to clean the wound before applying KITO-KIT® Gel?

Yes wash with clean water without rubbing. Do not use antiseptics, there is no interaction with KITO-KIT® Gel but it may cause allergic reactions.

Is KITO-KIT® Gel painful once applied?

No just the opposite, KITO-KIT® ensures almost instantly a full sedation of the trauma-related pain.

How often do I need to apply KITO-KIT® Gel?

In the early stages, as long as pain is present you can apply KITO-KIT® Gel as many times as you like. Then, 2 to 3 applications a day are sufficient.

How long should I use KITO-KIT® Gel?

It depends on the age and the wound type. 2 to 3 days are generally required for common wounds, healing is very fast in such situations.

Are there any contraindications to use KITO-KIT® Gel?

There are no contraindications to the use of KITO-KIT® Gel, except in cases of allergy to one of the components. However, no chitosan allergy case had been reported to date.

How much KITO-KIT® Gel do I need to apply each time?

It should be applied a thick layer of gel enough to completely and uniformly cover the wound.

Do I need then to cover with a sterile dressing?

It depends on where, obviously, the wound is located. If the wound has to be covered by clothing, a sterile dressing can be used in order to keep KITO-KIT® Gel in place.

Why is KITO-KIT® Gel sterile?

It is always imperative to apply sterile product on wounds because a wound is a very common way of bacteria entrance.

Is there any preservative in KITO-KIT® Gel?

No, KITO-KIT® Gel is free from preservatives, fragrance and alcohol.

For anyone, what is the main issue or the biggest concern of a traumatic injury?

Apart from severe bleeding injuries, where it is vital to stop the flow of blood, pain is the main issue. Except KITO-KIT® Gel, it is interesting to note that no wound care product on the market is able at the present time to durably relieve pain.

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