Did you know?

Pharmaceutical form: Gel? Cream? Ointment?

KITO-KIT® is a hydrogel, the ideal form for treating wounds

« The wound needs a humid environment in order to heal. »

WINTER, 1960

No cream, nor ointment or even powder on a wound, yet; 94% of the products on the market are in the form of creams or ointments or oily gels; these can therefore only claim to treat skin irritations, inflammations and superficial wounds.

Sterile or non sterile?

KITO-KIT® is a sterile gel

A wound is always likely to become infected because the protective epidermis has been destroyed.

No non-sterile product on a wound, yet 97% of market products are not sterile and cannot therefore be applied to open wounds.

Preservatives? Additives? Perfume?

KITO-KIT® contains no preservatives, additives, or perfumes. Its formula: Chitosan succinate and water.

All preservative ingredients or additives included in products on the market are allergenic, irritants, toxic, carcinogenic, endocrine disrupters (rapid penetration hematogenously).

Yet 99% of wound treatment products on the market contain significant quantities of these.

Analgesic effect

A wound or a burn is always painful

Products on the market claim only to have a soothing or calming effect.

KITO-KIT® boasts an analgesic effect that is real, rapid and effective on all types of wounds.

KITO-KIT® effect

Cellular reconstruction

Most products on the market are merely dermo-cosmetic claiming to provide comfort and only intended for skin irritation or superficial burns or wounds.

KITO-KIT® has a proven effect, demonstrated by thousands of clinical publications and studies, on the cellular reconstitution of deep, potentially infected or haemorrhagic wounds.

  • 1 Hemostasis is done by contact of blood cells negatively charged and Chitosan positively charged.
  • 2 Including a full sedation on nerve endings.
  • 3 Antimicrobial and anti-fungal activity.
  • 4 Accelarates the reepithelization.
  • 5 Activates macrophages.
  • 6 Increases the production of collagen III and limits the collagen I to avoid hypertrophic scars and keloids.

Haemostatic effect

KITO-KIT® gel has haemostatic properties

KITO-KIT® gel is usable on haemorrhagic wounds, cuts, lacerations.

Chitosan is the only naturally occurring alkaline polysaccharide with positive ions and it acts with anion on the surface of the red cells to promote haemostasis.

Antimicrobial effect

KITO-KIT® has an antimicrobial effect

It is always important to keep a wound or burn sterile to prevent any risk of infection. Antiseptics pose a high risk of allergic reaction or irritation and so their use should be limited.

A natural bandage

On drying, the KITO-KIT® forms a protective biofilm like a dry and transparent film that allows the skin to breathe whilst protecting the wound.

Once applied, the KITO-KIT® protects the wound like a natural plaster.

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