Everything you need to know about the KITO-KIT® sterile gel

KITO-KIT® is a Chitosan-based succinate gel developed by Biotech-Industry, with a unique formula protected by an international patent.

It is a hydrogel that is easy to use and apply even on large areas. The sufficiently low viscosity of the KITO-KIT® hydrogel enables complete penetration of all parts of the wound, but prevents any contact with the injured area.

The pH of the gel, which is similar to that of the skin, contributes with the effect of the Chitosan to immediate, effective, complete and lasting relief of the pain caused by the trauma.

Composition: Hydrogel with 2% Chitosan succinate.

Mechanism of action: Acts on pain, all healing phases, haemostasis and the quality of the scar.

Kito-Kit® is a safe and multi-purpose pharmaceutical product, free of any preservatives, additives, fragrance or allergen.

It is supplied in a 5g or 20g aluminium tube closed with a lid. Research into a new form of packaging in sachets is nearing completion.


Dosage and method of administration

  • 1 It is highly recommended to apply the gel as soon as possible for optimal effectiveness.
  • 2 Wash with clean water and immediately apply the gel.
  • 3 The treatment must be continued until the wound has mostly healed.
  • 4 The dosage depends on the nature of the wound (burns, cuts, etc.) and the location of the wound (area on a wrinkle or mucosa, etc.).
  • 5 Contribution to the activation of macrophages. Stimulates the production of collagen III and inhibits collagen I to prevent hypertrophic scarring and keloids. For a simple graze, 1 or 2 applications are sufficient, for an anal fissure apply the gel in the morning after going to the toilet, and in the evening before sleeping, and each time after passing urine or stools.
  • 6 KITO-KIT® can be used on sensitive skin and allergies. Children from 3 years old, a study is under way for infants.

Practical information


No precautions for use, KITO-KIT® may be used with an antiseptic (no interaction).

No adverse reaction has been observed in the clinical trials or in the product's post-marketing phase.

No allergy via contact with Chitosan has been reported anywhere worldwide.

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All domestic and traumatic wounds

Cuts and lacerations
Abrasive wounds
Wounds by friction

All thermal, electrical and chemical burns

All surgical wounds

Plastic surgery
Trauma surgery
Visceral and thoracic surgery
Anorectal surgery

Treatment of anal fissures, treatment of postsurgical wounds (postsurgical haemorrhoidal wounds, postsurgical fissures, postsurgical pilonidal cysts).
Urological surgery

Treatment of postsurgical wounds due to circumcision.
Gynaecological surgery.

Treatment of post-episiotomy wounds.
Treatment of vaginal fissures.


NB : Clinical studies have been conducted at Tours hospital (France) in the burn and reconstructive surgery unit and are still ongoing in the gastroenterology, urology and gynaecology units at Arlon hospital (Belgium).

KITO-KIT® effects

Works on pain thanks to Chitosan’s analgesic properties and brings almost instant relief as from application.

Stops bleeding thanks to Chitosan’s haemostatic properties.

Maintains the asepsis of the wound, by considerably limiting the risk of infection, through Chitosan’s bacteriostatic and antimicrobial properties.

Protects the wound through a protective porous biofilm which appears as soon as the Gel evaporates.

Affects cellular reconstruction, making healing quicker, more effective and aesthetic.

Learn more about Chitosan’s Biochemistry

Chitosan wound dressing by Willi Paul and Chandra P.Sharma

  • 1 Minimizes scarring.
  • 2 Strenghtens new tissue.
  • 3 Provides protein for healing.
  • 4 Absorbs fluids from inflammation.
  • 5 Blocks nerve endings to reduce pain.
  • 6 Encourages natural blood clotting.
  • 7 Forms barrier against infection.
  • 8 Provides scaffold for cell growth.


Learn more about the haemostatic sponge of KITO-BLOCK®

Sterile, Biocompatible and Biodegradable

Temporary and radical first aid treatment to stop any external traumatic haemorrhage caused by cuts, grazes, lacerations, ballistic injuries, rupture of an artery or vein and vascular access devices.


KITO-BLOCK® is provided in a sterile blister pack.

Ready for use and may be cut to adapt it to wounds of various sizes.

Soon to be available...


  • 1 Lie the patient down, keeping their head low (except in the case of chest wounds).
  • 2 With dry hands, remove the outer packaging and carefully extract KITO-BLOCK®.
  • 3 Find the source of the bleeding and put KITO-BLOCK® into the wound if it’s a large wound, or directly onto it in the case of small wounds.
  • 4 Apply an uniform pressure on KITO-BLOCK® for 2 minutes (up to 5 minutes for a serious haemorrhage) using your palm or fingers.
  • 5 Once KITO-BLOCK® has stuck to the wound, cover it with cotton gauze to ensure that the anti-haemorrhagic device remains dry and in place.
  • 6 In order to remove it, wet KITO-BLOCK® with water or a saline solution. KITO-BLOCK® will then become a gel and can thus be easily removed.

Who can use it?

Emergency rescue / First aiders
Police/ Armed forces
Sports teams
Domestic use

How does the KITO-BLOCK® work?

KITO-BLOCK®, an anti-haemorrhage first aid sponge, is made from a natural biomaterial known as Chitosan.

It does not contain any therapeutic or pharmacologic agent and does not interfere with the body's natural coagulation mechanism.

  • 1 KITO-BLOCK® is applied by simple pressure to the source of the bleeding.
  • 2 Positively charged, the KITO- BLOCK® sponge absorbs the blood and accelerates the aggregation of negatively charged platelets.
  • 3 KITO-BLOCK® acts as a mechanical barrier and prevents blood loss by the accelerated formation of a temporary blood clot.
  • 4 KITO-BLOCK® can be easily and completely removed by applying a saline solution or water.

What is haemorrhaging?

Haemorrhaging or bleeding is the leakage of blood from the circulatory system caused by the rupture of blood vessels. Haemorrhaging may be external when the blood escapes from the vascular system, due to an injury or the skin breaking outside of the body (veins, arteries or capillaries).

The blood provides oxygen and nutrients to the organs and tissues, and enables the elimination of waste. Complications related to blood loss are therefore explained by the role that the blood plays in the body.

Normally, a person in good health can withstand a loss from 10% to 15% of blood volume with no serious consequence. Severe haemorrhaging can be fatal in less than 10 minutes. Stopping or controlling haemorrhagic bleeding is the biggest challenge of first aid. Action must be taken quickly.


An innovation under development by Biotech-Industry

KITO-PATCH® is a sterile flexible plate made of chitosan succinate, for the treatment of bedsores. This flexible plate can fit the shape of the wound and absorbs exudates. At the same time, the portion facing the wound will turn into a Chitosan gel. The consequences are a diminution of the pain and the starting of the healing process.

The plate can be adapted and cut according to the bedsore’ shape. It can remain on the wound from 2 to 4 days.

Soon to be available...


Learn more about KITO-CALM® sterile gel

Biotech-Industry is developing an oily gel for the treatment of sunburn using Chitosan succinate.

The gel calms inflammation and therefore pain thanks to Chitosan’s properties, the added glycerol making it possible to hydrate and moisturise the affected area by leaving in place a protective film which is essential to provide an isolating barrier between tissue and the air.

This gel contains no additives, no perfume and no preservatives.

Soon to be available...

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