Pratical use of KITO-KIT® gel

Important recommendations for treating a wound with KITO-KIT®

Excepted on contaminated wounds, avoid antiseptics that delay healing.

Whatever its origin, wounds must be continuously soaked with the gel in order to improve the cleaning and fast reconstruction.


Filling wound with gel.

Avoid absorbing dressing (absorption of the gel).

Avoid woven pads, use exclusively nonwoven dressing.

Primary dressing: moisten the pad with saline solution or sterile water, add a thick layer of gel on the side dedicated to be in contact with the wound, this will avoid the pad absorption of the gel.

Secondary dressing: watch out for adhesive bandage that often lead to allergenic reactions.

In order to hold the primary dressing in place, use preferably a narrow rubber band.

Avoid definitely placing tubes in the fridge; low temperature will lead to an infeasible application of the gel.


Immediately run the burn under cold water for 1 minute.

Open the tube and spread a thick layer of gel over the entire area.

If the burn is in an area covered by clothing, put a layer of gel on a compress, cover the wound and fix with a dressing.

The gel is eliminated without scrubbing with water.

Repeat 2 to 3 times at 5 minute intervals. Apply the gel morning and evening on the 2nd and 3rd day. Stop on the 4th day if the wound has healed over.

Acute trauma wounds

Check that the wound is clean and contains no foreign bodies. Rinse with saline solution or clean water and dry.

Cover the wound and the surrounding area with KITO-KIT® gel.

If the wound is in an area covered by clothing, put a layer of gel on a compress.

Cover the wound and fix with a dressing. Once the wound has healed the KITO-KT® gel has no further effect.

Repeat once or twice until the pain disappears, then continue to apply morning and evening until the wound heals.

Chronic wounds

After washing with saline solution, spread gel over the wound.

Place a compress impregnated with the gel on it and cover with a dressing.

A single dressing per day.

Morning or evening, is sufficient until the wound heals completely.

No contraindication with the prior use of antiseptics if necessary.

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